Rescue Damaged Summer Hair with Superfoods

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Want to know the secret to super shiny, healthy hair this summer? Superfoods of course! Just like we feed our bodies nutritious foods to look and feel our best during summer, our hair also needs to be nourished to look and feel its best. Superfood Hair Masques are the perfect product to get your hair healthy and shiny this summer. Designed to …

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Top 5 Benefits of Macadamia Oil

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Step 3 of Superfood Hair is the SHINE masque! The key ingredient for this masque is beautiful Macadamia Oil, here we share our top 5 reasons why we can’t get enough of it! Calms frizz – macadamia oil is great for getting rid of tangles, calming hair and preventing dullness. Contains high levels of Omega 7 – which makes it a great, …

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Superfood Hair Review

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Fashion and beauty blogger Rosy Disposition recently shared a wonderful review of her experience trying out Superfood Hair Masques! Read below to hear her thoughts! — I always love trying out great Aussie products so when I saw these on Instagram I was really keen to give them a go! This Superfood 3 step hair masque system is designed to give …

Hair Style File: Gigi Hadid

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This week’s hair style file is none other than mega babe and hair god – Gigi Hadid! Her luscious blonde locks leave us with major hair envy on a daily basis, so we have rounded up a few of our fave hair looks from the supermodel.

Top 5 Benefits Of Superfoods

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You may have heard the term “Superfoods” used quite frequently, but what does it actually mean?! To put it simply it refers to foods that offer amazing nutritional benefits! Superfoods are packed with higher than average concentration of nutrients and they bring a whole heap of different health benefits! Check out the top 5 reasons you should be loving superfoods, …